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Great News Focus

February 25, 2009

I have created this blog with the intention of focusing on great news. The news can range anywhere from personal successes to being picked for a spot in a new TV sitcom. We all have many exciting experiences that we may have held back from sharing in the past, perhaps because we’re afraid of being judged as blowing our own horn or bragging. As far as I’m concerned blowing my own horn feels good, especially if it inspires others to do the same and feel better! I believe we were created to experience joyous lives and the more we focus on the positive in our life the more joy we’ll experience.

My Grandson Tymon just spent last week here with me in Texas. He is a wonderful 11 year old, very aware of the Law of Attraction and his power to create a joyous life for himself. He wanted a WII for the past year, had it on his vision board and got it for Christmas. We went out and purchased another controller for it so he can play with his friends when he got back to Connecticut. He had a safe flight back to CT this past Monday night. Life is great!